Digital Invoice

Digitalise 100% of your customer invoices.​ 

Digital Invoice is a multi-channel module directly integrated within your DMS, allowing you to benefit from the digitalisation, distribution and archiving of all your customer invoices.​
Imaweb is partnering with Esker –world leader in paperless administrative processes– to offer you this brand-new solution.​

The strengths of Digital Invoice

Secure paperless invoice archiving

Digitalisation and cost reductions

Fully integrated within your DMS

The benefits of Digital Invoice

Cost and time efficient

Our solution helps you save time by being directly integrated within your DMS so you no longer have to duplicate information across multiple platforms. You’ll also save time when storing and sending your invoices. Digital sending guarantees you save money on postage and printing costs.

Improved customer satisfaction

Digital Invoice gives your end customers the final say on how they want to receive your invoices – with the option to easily switch from one way to the other. They can access all their invoices at any time via our SaaS platform and use the handy online chat window for any queries or concerns.

A secure solution

Our module is ISO 27001 compliant and all data is fully encrypted and archived for 10 years at a Microsoft Azure data centre in the Netherlands. The solution complies with GDPR standards and evolves with the specific regulations of each country. In the event of an Internet outage, all your operations are saved and backed up securely.

Invoice monitoring

The platform is very easy to use for accounting teams as well as clients. As for dealerships, they enjoy access to multiple automatic reports that can be personalised and viewed as graphs, with all data presented in real time.

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